Technology and installation: Cold roof without insulation

This roof design is used for structures with no requirement for thermal insulation. In order to ensure water drainage, care must be taken to ensure that the B side of Taborsky trapezoidal profile sheets is always upwards in this roof design and is installed from the eaves to the ridge. The roof pitch should be at least 7° (must be proportionally higher for long roof surfaces) and the covering of the transverse joint must be at least 200 mm.

Self-tapping screws with sealing are screwed into the supports as required for the attachment of Taborsky trapezoidal profile sheets. Each corrugation should be attached at the ridge and at the eaves. The longitudinal joint is attached with drilling screws with spacing of approx. 300 mm.

Cold roof without insulation

The roof profile should protrude into the gutter by about 1/3.